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Our work involves the conception, planning and execution of furniture in the broadest sense. Our core business is individual contract work, parallel to which we develop independent prototypes of manageable and spatial quality. The materials used focus on steel, wood and concrete. The use of different materials allows us on the one hand to meet the individual demands of the function in the best possible way and on the other to leave the material with its natural appearance. It motivates us increasingly to be able to build on our extensive pool of experience again and again, and to see how ideas take shape through dedication and enthusiasm.




Philipp Krieger and Alexander Dworsky have known each other since their youth. The love for craftsmanship and the feeling for the aesthetic moments in the world of construction quickly created a strong connection. Everyone approached the theme from different angles. Alexander Dworsky devoted himself to the academic path of the constructive and studied architecture at the TU Vienna. During his time at university, he increasingly sought friction with the reality of construction and the consequences of the conceptual effect that preceded it. Philipp Krieger first travelled through Lower Austria as a blacksmith, then through Europe as a fitter: he finished this stage as a master locksmith. At the University of Applied Arts he refined his skills in handling a wide variety of materials and machines. The planning and implementation of various construction tasks strengthened the unity of our disciplines in an autodidactic process.

In 2017, the two characters joined forces with their own workshops to form a creative duo.




The head leads the hand and the hand checks the head again and again. Finding and solving design problems in time with the implementation of craftsmanship is the line in our work process. The complexity of our competences works at the interface of architecture and craftsmanship, where the combination of the materials with their structural peculiarities merges into a constructive whole. The logic in the joining of the parts holds a sensual moment - the human being is touched in the truest sense of the word.  This philosophy is supported by straight lines and reduced surface treatment.






Tel: 0043 650 5222 853

Vienna, Austria

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