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bed / 1180 Vienna

material: apple, elm, ash

Based on a design by Lorenz Strobl, this bed was created as a wedding present for a couple of friends. The individual parts of this construction with its elegant forms and connections were neatly prepared by him in a perfectly modelled 3D file for processing on a CNC machine.

... but there was no company that wanted to build the bed - this wooden poem was created by hand in our workshop. With the running radii on the outer edges of its slightly flared legs, its grooves at the bearing points of the tapped joints and its head tapering towards the top, this bed was a wonderful challenge for head and hand. At this point we would like to congratulate our colleague Jakob Stötzler, who defeated this project single-handedly. Cheered on by almond oil, apple and elm join together to create a piece of furniture that will last for generations.

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