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CAN 42.jpg

Cannaregio / 1020 Vienna

concrete, thermo-ash, steel, oak, glass

For a long time, the small kiosk at Freudplatz stood empty. The potential of its convenient location between Vienna's Prater and the WU campus did not go unnoticed for long by the resourceful makers of the Superbude. Together with Gerd Zehetner from the architecture firm Archiguards, we realized an aperitif bar and garden with the resounding name: Cannaregio. A continuous wooden construction in the form of an open polygon encloses the space around the kiosk and offers guests a loose ensemble of seating options. Thoughtful details of red-coated steel integrate height-adjustable legs with receptacles for tables, lighting pedestals and backrests. Pastel green terrazzo with red marble gravel creates a dignified base for enjoying Aperol and antipasti. Inside the kiosk, a suspended shelving system with glass shelves and wooden grates provides flexibility and order. Due to its permanent exposure, the Schanigarten quickly advanced to become a popular piece of street furniture, even outside opening hours.

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