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25H HAM 72dpi 03.JPG

massage in a bottle writing station / 25hours Hamburg

material: steel, oak, leather

There is a lot of posting these days, often from bottles, but rarely in bottles. To change this, together with Supersense we developed and built the first and only bottle mail writing station in the world for the 25 Hours Hafencity Hamburg.

Oak, steel and leather are the playground for typewriters, stamps and corking machine. LED stages the bottles and seduces the guest to turn his childhood dreams into reality. The personal message in a bottle, written on Typewriter, embossed and signed, is rolled into a thin cigar, knotted with red thread, tucked into the bottle and corked. Finally one cuts the thread such as to allow the finder to pull the letter roll out of the bottle.All that remains is the question of whether one wants to immortalize oneself with the bottle post on the shelf and in the window, or whether one prefers to hand it over to the Elbe.

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